Author: Brenda Romanchik

The Sticky Mind by Liza Johnston

When your child sees a classmate who continues talking to someone else, do they think, “she doesn’t like me”?  Does your child tell himself or herself “I’m so invisible. No one notices me”?  Do they usually react this way internally, instead of letting those thoughts go, and just thinking, “she’s busy now”? These thoughts that … Read More

New Year – New Happenings

As of January 2021, we are pleased to welcome Liza Johnston, APC, Therapist. A new Counselor has joined Great Oak Counseling She is looking forward to serving children, teens, and adults. For more information see her profile posted on our web site. New Office Phone Number Please note our new office number is (678) 404-0093. … Read More

Office opening planning

We are in the process of finalizing all the various procedures we will have to follow when we will have office visits again. We are reviewing the guidelines from the CDC, the WHO and our insurance company. We are closely monitoring the infection rates, and for most clients, we will not be returning to office … Read More

Appointment Reminders

Great Oak Counseling is offering Appointment Reminders to all our clients. Here are our options: No Reminders (our current Practice Default) Email only Text (SMS) only Text (SMS) and Email Text or Call, and Email the following information: The following information does need to be in our electronic records: The email address. For SMS messages … Read More

New Practice member

Great Oak Counseling has a new staff member. Clemens Wittekind has joined us as an Administrator. He has been helping us with updating our office forms, many website updates and various back-office tasks that need to be done. He is also helpful in setting up the client portal and billing management. Rest assured, like everyone … Read More

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