Client Portal

After your first contact with your therapist our clients will receive an invitation to our Client Portal:

Client Portal

Click to enter Client Portal

  • Clients will see all future appointments.
    • The use of the TherapyNotes Telehealth feature [Join Session] is being tested!
    • We are phasing out  Thera-Link as our Telehealth platform.
    • Reminder: If you participate in a Telehelath session you need to be in a private space.
  • We will also share documents and have clients review, fill out, sign and return forms.
  • Our clients can upload an Insurance Card image after we send you a Document request.
  • Talk to your therapist if you like Appointment Reminders. Via Text or e-mail.

HELP documents for our Client Portal:

Clients are advised to add as a contact. This would avoid notifications ending up in spam folders.